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I Am A Mermaid

[[.♥.Lola Golightly.♥.]]
1 February 1985
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I want to live somewhere where it rains more than it shines or snows- which I know, technically, I'd have to get a passport for- but I would be happy living on some little coastal inlet, having made my millions teaching the world to love itself and one another [because after all I am terribly brilliant]. Having done all my traveling before that with a Burlesque troupe- of women who look like REAL women, throw backs to Monroe and Hepburn, who embrace all that truly is Burlesque and not the tawdry image it has now. I will learn to belly dace- and do it well. I will also learn to milk goats and yaks- and make cheese, just because I can. I will also have a very bubbly budding fashion line for those of us who are hearty and hate that the plus size fashion world still wants to stick us all in stretchy tapered spandex-y jeans- and jewelry for those less than dainty wrists and ankles. I want to dance in the streets of Paris while it rains and I am very drunk with my dearest friends in the world- all the while Elle bellowing about ruining her shoes and I giggle hysterically advising through hiccups and tears streaming down my cheeks to just take them off. I will be an utter spectacle- and enjoy every second of it. And someday, I will meet the person who makes me better than I am alone, but they will have to be fairly amazing in their own right- because if you hadn't noticed yet, my opinion of myself gets a little bit higher every single day.
- La La Lola

Taken from my prose Be the S . T . A . R you know you are

My luridly lush layout is credited to blowxgraphics
Poetry/short fiction = abrokenlullaby
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