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I Am A Mermaid
Do You See It Too?! 
11th-Oct-2009 11:00 am
  • 17:37 I uploaded a YouTube video -- new update #oo9 bit.ly/2YpEjz #
  • 17:47 why the FUCK is my internet being such a whore?! Nothing works. rawr. #
  • 20:49 I was just watching an old vlogbrothers video - John Green is effing brilliant "We're all making each other and ourselves up all the time." #
  • 23:14 I subscribed to TheDeFrancoUpdate's channel on YouTube bit.ly/6r9j0 #
  • 23:38 I subscribed to TheDeFrancoUppdate's channel on YouTube bit.ly/12LvLu #
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